About Us

Who We Are

At INFOPRO, commitment and innovation are at the core of everything that we do – and we believe you can see this in our products, our service and our people.

Innovation lies close to our heart, and we constantly push the boundaries of technology to bring our clients the best in banking solutions. Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and inventive approaches encapsulate our eICBA system, a banking solution that is founded on formidable domain expertise. The company’s aggressive pursuit of R&D has enabled us to relentlessly challenge the limits of excellence. Through continual incorporation of industry best practices, financial and regulatory compliance standards on leading-edge technology platforms, our clients are empowered to enhance their business success.

INFOPRO knows the importance of engaging financial services institutions from the business perspective. Armed with extensive experience and domain expertise, our teams of business consultants offer valuable services to help our clients achieve competitive advantage through proven business transformation strategies.


The Management

The senior management of INFOPRO comprises an experienced team of diverse background, with past exposure in multinational IT corporations, top consulting firms, commercial banks and investment banks.

Chuah Wan Pin, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Chuah is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of INFOPRO. He obtained his MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Wales and has more than 30 years of working experience in IT industry. He started his career as a Systems Programmer in England. Upon his return from UK, he joined NCR Malaysia and had successfully managed the Systems Engineering and Marketing Divisions in NCR before assuming the Managing Director position of an NCR subsidiary. He was responsible for the development and implementation of many large online banking systems for major banks in Malaysia and abroad when he was with NCR. He has carefully charted the course of Infopro to be a leading Global Banking Solution Provider.
Matthew Chuah, Chief Operating Officer
As one of the founding members of INFOPRO, Matthew has been involved in all facets of the company’s operations since its inception. As technical architect, Matthew specialized in technical infrastructure design and development, and was instrumental in building the company’s global operations to its present scale. Armed with decades of experience in IT financial solutions, Matthew spearheads several key departments in INFOPRO including, Sales & Marketing and Global Operations & Support. As the Chief Operating Officer, Matthew is responsible for the company’s day-to-day world-wide business operations as well as overseeing the end-to-end management of all projects. Matthew also plays an active role in product R&D with a special focus on ensuring solutions respond efficiently to the increasingly demanding marketplace as well as comply to various international regulations.
Irene Lim, Executive Vice President & Solution Architect
Irene joined INFOPRO when the company was in its infancy and has been a key contributor to the product development and strategies since. Having graduated from University of Western Ontario in Canada, Irene had a very successful career in the banking industry for half a decade. After joining INFOPRO, Irene has been heavily involved in numerous large-scale implementation projects and is well-versed with international banking industry practices, processes and regulations. Irene currently heads product development teams as one of the key solution architects for eICBA Banking System, focusing on loans system technical design, development, and implementation.
Monica Chan, Executive Vice President & Solution Architect
Monica started her career with INFOPRO in 1987. She currently holds the post Executive Vice President and heads product development teams as one of the key solution architects. Monica has been involved in numerous large-scale banking system implementations and migrations since the late 1980’s, which have contributed to her expertise in international banking practices, processes and regulations. Her responsibility at INFOPRO includes coaching and consulting on retail and wholesale banking system, in both functional architecture as well as its technical design. She also acts as an advisor for the design & development of other banking products of such as Business Intelligence.
Priscilla Leong, Head of Organizational Process Quality Management
Priscilla is the head of the Organizational Process Quality Management (OPQM) unit. A graduate of the California State University (US), Priscilla previously worked in a major MNC consulting firm for more than 3 years and banking software vendor environment for over 15 years, specializing in system design, process engineering and project management. Her main responsibility at INFOPRO includes organizational quality management (ISO & CMMI processes) and core banking system analysis and design (loans and credit risk domain).
Chong Chee Choong, Head of Global Operation
As head of Global Operations, Chong is responsible for the management of INFOPRO’s global operations and support units. Prior to joining INFOPRO, Chong had gained extensive hands-on experience spanning a period of 17 years in the implementation of IT financial solutions which includes areas such as LOS, loans collection systems, debt recovery, dealer distribution management and workflows. Additionally, he had also acquired in-depth knowledge in SVS and cheque clearing system implementation and management through numerous customer projects. With an MBA in International Business from University of East London, Chong brings with him a wealth of experience in IT service delivery, general management, business development, software development and support management focused on financial industry. In his present role as Head of Global Operations in INFOPRO, he is primarily responsible for all customer related projects and support services.
Asmah Abdul Aziz, Head of Customer Liaison Office
Prior to joining INFOPRO, Asmah has held various lead positions in different departments at the United Malayan Banking Corporation (UMBC) for over 12 years. She has more than 12 years of Project management experience ranging from medium to large scale projects, locally and internationally.
Asmah is the head of the company’s Customer Liaison Office. Her other responsibilities includes project management as well as acting as a system advisor to both customer and INFOPRO’s technical teams.