eICBA Banking System


eICBA Banking System is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular banking solution designed to meet the demands of today's financial institutions. Providing the full spectrum of Conventional and Islamic Banking operations at retail, commercial, small-to-medium size enterprises (SME) and corporate levels, incorporating a full complement of transactional services, the eICBA Banking System offers one of the most comprehensive integrated banking & financial system available in the market today. Its multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities allows financial institutions to serve markets all over the world via an array of delivery channels. The eICBA Banking System supports institutions of every operational size and complexity, including corporate banks, retail banks, microfinance banks, and financial cooperatives of any kind.

Architecturally sound, eICBA System is an easy-to-integrate, scalable, enterprise-wide solution that handles large transaction volumes on a 24x7 basis. It automates banking processes and provides best-in-class customer service at reasonable cost, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks. With world class implementation and support expertise, this award winning solution has been successfully deployed in over 28 countries around the globe.

The eICBA Banking System has an integrated CRM module that offers a 360-degree customer portfolio management - enabling banks to offer rich and differentiated value proposition to a diverse range of customers. It provides user-friendly functionality for the front office for interaction with clients and the initiation of new services.

From the services innovation perspective, eICBA Banking System offers a comprehensive and unified customer repository with capabilities to educate and empower customers. The functionality-rich modules in the solution provide banks with a varied palette of features to continuously innovate on their product and service offerings.

The eICBA Banking solution enhances the basic business of banking with the capability to configure and manage the full cycle of the banking process, from origination to servicing across multiple channels. With eICBA Banking System core banking solution, banks can meet the challenges of managing change, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively.

Product Highlights

Differentiated Product Spread
eICBA Banking System offers complete coverage of line of business and a comprehensive collection of features for banks to design and deploy products for varying market segments. The product packaging capabilities of the solution offer a wide range of possibilities for banks to create products with innovative features. The facilities provided for differential pricing, channel rules and customization, empower banks to continuously innovate and extend their suite of products, across segment.
Single View of the Customer
The eICBA Banking System provides a comprehensive view of customer activities across lines-of-business and access channels. All the eICBA System modules are fully integrated to a single customer information file (CIF) to provide a complete and comprehensive view of assets and liabilities of each customer real-time, for an effective relationship management and risk management. Additionally, this enables cross-selling of products and services along with relationship-based pricing. The solution also integrates with the Compliance solution from INFOPRO and other third-party solutions to increase efficiencies in regulatory compliance.
Agile Operations
The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the IT team at the bank to effect changes without touching the base code, ensuring lesser vendor dependency and faster adaptability to changing business conditions.
Cross-channel Integration
The eICBA Banking System provides a consistent user experience and employee interface from one branch to the next, including real-time synchronization of information between branches, ATMs, call centers, internet and mobile banking channels, alongside SMS messaging and PDA functionality.
Robust Cross-sell Framework
The CIF and CRM capabilities in eICBA Banking System offer a unified view of the customer across the entire solution and across multiple back-end applications, enabling the bank to view the customer from a completely informed angle. This empowers banks to effectively manage customer relationships and aggressively explore cross-sell opportunities.
Increased Operational Efficiencies and Productivity
eICBA Banking System supports business event automation and process orchestration, thus eliminating manual tasks and reducing process time. The elimination of error and data redundancies also results in increased branch productivity. Straight Through Processing (STP) abilities enhance reduction in turnaround and processing time, increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks.
Turning our Technology to Your Advantage
The eICBA Banking System automates every aspect of a bank's operation by integrating front-, middle-, and back-office processes in real time. It supports multi-entity, multilingual, and multi-currency operations, at scalable transaction volumes with flexible configuration options. Designed to reduce the costs of development, hardware and integration, the solution offers unparalleled value with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).