eICBA eChannel Suite


eICBA eSwitch System is one of the ‘pluggable’ components of the eICBA eChannel Suite that primarily services customers’ cash and funds management demands in an any-time, any-where fashion.

Key Features:

Technically,eICBA eSwitch is an end-to-end ATM switch solution that comes with an integrated Card & Pin Management module that works seamlessly with the core. This module handles both personalized and instant card issuance with pin generation features.

The system runs in 24 x 7 mode on all major brands of ATMs. It is operationally ‘ready-to be-deployed’ for any replacement or new ATM implementations without the need for additional third party software. What’s more, the system can accommodate interfacing to any third party software easily.

Transactions: Customers can perform both financial and non-financial transactions over the various terminals or interchange payment gateways. For terminals transactions, both card and cardless (operates on the CDM - Cash Deposit Machine mode) transactions are supported.

Communications: The Device Manager is part of communication manager module that efficiently manages various adapters which are used to seamlessly connect to major brands of ATMs, CDMs, and HSMs (Host Security Modules). A robust ISO8583 framework is implemented in the core engine to manage ISO8583 communication to backend banking hosts, interchange payment gateways, as well as legacy systems. This sub-module is fully customizable and is designed to adapt with the fast evolving payment processing environment.

Maximum Uptime: The eICBA eSwitch also boasts self-diagnosis and self-healing capabilities. This intelligent system is capable of taking the best recovery action in the event of a system failure. This process takes place automatically and very often fixes failures sooner than an ATM custodian is able to attend to these problems, including to common errors such as ATM screens or key corruptions. This feature tremendously reduces ATM operational down times in event of a failure.

Remote Monitoring & Controls: The built-in comprehensive Web-based online graphical monitoring dashboard is ideal for effective monitoring of system and device activities, which covers the ATMs, CDMs, HSMs, interchange payment gateways, external systems, etc. Users can manage the various devices remotely by sending control commands to these devices (e.g. Up, Down, load new screen, key exchange, sign on, etc). SMS and email alerts keep the administrator constantly informed of any critical issues.