eICBA eChannel Suite

Internet Banking

eICBA Internet Banking System is one of the ‘pluggable’ components of the ICBA eChannel Suite that leverages the wide coverage of internet services in building end-to-end multi-lingual Web solutions to address the demands of globalization. It allows users to manage their cash flow, financial commitments and planning virtually any time, any where.

General transaction services are made available in the form of Web presentation layer published over the secure Internet with various security optimizations such as the use of SSL and virtual key pad in conjunction with various second factor authentication options such as
•    SMS token
•    Mobile Application token
•    Hardware token
•    Memorable words

Typically, the eICBA Internet Banking System would be set up in multi-tier environments which can be represented as Public Web, Internal Web, Business Application and Database layers.

Corporate Banking System and Dealer Terminal System are variants of the eICBA Internet Banking System derived from the same architecture but targeting a different segment of the consumer market.