eICBA eChannel Suite

Mobile Banking


The eICBA Mobile Banking System is one of the ‘pluggable’ components of the eICBA eChannel Suite which leverages the strength of mobile network services in building end-to-end interactive solutions that are accessible virtually any time, any where. Mobile network services, including the Short Message Service (SMS) has become one of the most strategic delivery channels for global financial institutions to extend their products and services to their customers via both the pull and push approach.

Mobile Banking would enable financial institutions to serve enterprises from the core financial segments to the hospitality services and many more from the comfort of their home, office or while they are on the move, in particular when speed and security plays a major role in the information propagation.


Key benefits:

1.    Comprehensive transaction sets
The Mobile Banking system supports both the Push and Pull technologies. In pull transactions, customer may perform various types of transaction ranging from short code syntax inquiry, banking product inquiry, service request, and most importantly the financial transaction.

2.    One-to-one marketing
This technique has been shown to have a higher success rate and works by delivering relevant information directly to the customer or any other target recipient  and is typically used in conjunction with promotion of new products.

3.    Integrated Web Administration module – eService
The eService module provides users with the convenience of remote Web Administration and customer maintenance.

4.    Flexible product setup
Supports creation of different products with different transactions and limits.

5.    Completely configurable SMS request & response
SMS format can be configured based on institution’s preferences to cater for personalization and improving customer satisfaction.

6.    Seamless eICBA integration
Cross channel & eICBA core banking system integration is built-in to the system, making service activation on different channel, sending of SMS alerts for account overdrawn, sending reminder for Fixed Deposit maturity, etc., possible seamlessly.

7.    Easy 3rd party system integration
The system’s ability to integrate with various distributed systems provides the added benefit of quicker reliazation of the Return-On-Investment (ROI) and higher business value. For example, the integration with the other service monitoring system would enable the sending of SMS for critical network issue, sending SMS for call centre follow-up summary, etc.

8.    Internal SMS Gateway
eICBA SMS Banking can also serve as an internal SMS Gateway for sending any custom SMS to anyone via email. The system has the ability to convert the email and push it to the target recipient, which would be useful in situation such as  sending meeting appointment to a member of staff.