Support Services for eICBA Solution


Ongoing maintenance & support services are available to customers using eICBA solutions.   The support team comprises of experienced professionals with in-depth eICBA and Oracle knowledge.  The support coverage includes both technical and user aspects.  

Customers are provided with the convenience of a centralized e-Support-Channel, CSSi (Customer Support System over Internet) Portal, to raise and manage ongoing inquiries, issues and change requests.  CSSi is designed and built with the aim to serve eICBA users better throughout our support process.  It offers benefits to customers in terms of support continuity, communication effectiveness, streamlined escalation procedure, faster turnaround time and ease of monitoring.

The offerings of support services cover:

  • Answering user enquiry & clarification
  • System error rectification
  • System enhancement customization
  • Onsite support services
  • Offsite standby services