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The global investment landscape is in the throes of a significant digital transformation. The last few years have seen the investment industry undergo substantial changes regarding shifting client expectations and industry trends promoting greater financial inclusion and democratisation. 

Investment firms experience many inevitable driving forces to enhance and digitize their business operations. A well-focused and optimized business model supported by a streamlined technology infrastructure is the need of the hour which will help attain better productivity and deliver quality services to end-customers.

Digital Customer Experience

This is why customer experience (CX) is the defining competitive differentiator in the investment sector today. Firms that invest in CX have higher rates of recommendation, greater market share, and are more likely to up-sell or cross-sell products and services to existing customers.

The broad umbrella of CX can cover anything from traditional customer service channels to new digital interfaces that people use to interact with investment firms. Digital customer experience (DCX) focuses on the latter, including both front-end services and back-office process optimization that ultimately benefits customers.

In order to improve DCX management, investment firms need more than just the right tech that helps to measure customers’ satisfaction and engagement. Firms need a front-end approach that compels current and potential customers to offer their personal information and opt in to receive promotional messaging so they can capably nurture and convert them.

Mobile Experience of the Future

Investing apps have grown in popularity in recent years and for good reason: Just about anyone can get access to investment opportunities with just a few taps on their phone. For beginners, investing apps also serve as an affordable and accessible way to start building their wealth and monitor their investments in real time.

Such apps also offer remote onboarding via eKYC which can either work as a standalone direct to consumer offering or go hand in hand with bringing personal touch to the process. This allows firms to devote their resources on increasing engagements with new clients rather than repetitive form filling.

Next-Gen Relationship Management

Even in the digital age, some clients still prefer real human connection. A versatile multi-channel platform comes in handy as they are designed to be accessed anywhere and on any device. Such portals increases the productivity of your client-facing staff by providing direct access to everything they need in a single click, thereby significantly reducing their administrative tasks including remote onboarding for investors from around the globe.

As soon as conversation begins with a client, firms have a complete 360° overview of their portfolios to make educated suggestions about managing their investments. Smart analytics provide customers with a better perspective of day-to-day performance, valuation and forecasted future cash flows.

Relationship Manager Portals can help redefine the relationship between General Partners (GP), Limited Partners (LP) and Portfolio Managers, allowing them to raise and deploy capital, manage investor relations, deliver business intelligence, and ensure compliance all within the same system.

Investment Banks and Companies of the Future

Moving forward to be in line with digital transformation, its components must be fully understood. From big data to AI, there are numerous components of digital platform transformation. Yet, they all have some things in common: they reduce cost, increase efficiency and most importantly, provide the best customer experience digitally.

Diagram 1: Bank of 2030: The Future of Investment Banking (Deloitte)


NFOPRO SYNERGi’s next-generation solution for investment banks and companies is the answer to delivering a high-impact digital customer experience. Aptly launched as Digital ELITE, our latest innovation is not only client-centric but ensures agility for markets of the future.


The innovative digital investment solution offers comprehensive customer-centric features including a mobile application, customer onboarding and relationship manager portal. It provides functionality, scalability and flexibility to address the demands of investors and the asset management industry with hyper personalized touch for clients’ digital investment experience.

If you are convinced that DCX is important and will only get more so over time, you’ll want to look for a digital investment solution that gives you scope to deliver an excellent experience in the present and will continue to improve the offering as you go along.

INFOPRO Digital ELITE’s unified and high-touch channels provide insights into customer digital activity and a real omnichannel approach to customer onboarding and their investment journey.

For more information about INFOPRO Digital ELITE, reach out to us for a complementary consultation or visit www.infopro.com.my.

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