Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility – INFOPRO

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance and Sustainability is a crucial business imperative built into our daily operation. Governance, Risk and Compliance are regularly monitored to ensure that both INFOPRO and our customers can conduct the business in a sustainable manner.

Our sustainability agenda covers beyond financial goals and extend across environmental, human capital, stakeholder and community arena:

  1. We practise prudent check and balance decision making process to reduce operational risk.
  2. We maintain a 100% profitable operation track record with positive cash flow every year.
  3. We maintain a healthy level of liquid reserve to meet any contingencies should there be a severe economic crisis.
  4. We invest heavily in R&D to keep our product current and relevant to all our stakeholders.
  5. We maintain a 100% successful project implementation track record and will never fail our customers.
  6. We carry out ongoing review of human resource matters relating to succession, performance, appraisal, promotion, compensation and disciplinary action.
  7. We provide equal opportunity to all job applicants irrespective of gender, race, creed and religion.
  8. We strive to meet all necessary compliances relating to our own and our customers’ operation.
  9. We promote the use of green technology in all internal and customer projects to reduce environmental risk.

We maintain a very high standard of ethics and professional integrity in all our dealings with customers. We incorporate this standard in our employee terms of employment and publish it in our knowledge portal. As billion of dollars of transactions are processed through our software used in banks everyday, we must practise diligence to reduce any potential financial risk to near zero.

As a responsible corporate citizen, INFOPRO is mindful of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We use ISO26000 standard for guidance. We contribute our fair share in national human capital development, we donate to charity events to help those in need and bring joy to those less fortunate, and we also participate in international disaster relief efforts. Our staff are encouraged to take part in these events through our ISRC (INFOPRO Sports & Recreation Club).

To assist in the development of national human capital, we provide internship program to ICT students from many local universities. We teach these student soft skills and expose them to best practices used in the development of large commercial projects. We also groom these students in the use of latest technology so that they will be better prepared for job market when they graduate.