Facilitates digital transformation through secure identity verification and smooth onboarding processes.

Elevating Efficiency, Security and Customer Experience

Effortless Onboarding

Simplify online verification for faster procedures, time savings, and improved customer satisfaction.

Frictionless Experience

Save time and resources by streamlining processes and reducing manual efforts for seamless customer onboarding.

Convenient Process

Quickly verify your identity online without any hassle. Our user-friendly interface makes the process simple and convenient by providing clear instructions.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Save businesses money and improve efficiency by automating customer verification, reducing paperwork, eliminating data entry errors, and minimizing physical document storage.

Revolutionize Customer Onboarding with
advanced eKYC Solution

Designed to seamlessly integrate existing systems, enhance security, streamline processes, and deliver a

frictionless onboarding experience.

The Four Components Of SYNERGi EKYC Capabilities

Perform the Facial recognition and the liveness test

Perform ID Proofing against Valid ID Cards Passports

Enabling eSignature, or Digital Signature

Enabling Alternative Credit Scoring Using Market or Historical Data Using AI

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Solutions that strengthen the financing application and management process.

AI Credit Decisioning

Approval speed is key to locking in financing customers. Find out how AI helps in improving turnaround times while maintaining accuracy in determining credit-worthiness.

Digital Onboarding

Seamless and remote onboarding ensures you reach your customers no matter the time and place. It also doesn’t hurt to reduce customer acquisition costs!

Anti-Money Laundering

Financial fraud is a burgeoning problem and a risk nightmare. Find out how AI can immediately reduce AML risk and keep you in line with regulatory and compliance requirements.



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