How CMMI Level 5 Promises Quality Assurance in Delivering Solution & Services


Continuously growing and giving our customers the best is one of the key values that INFOPRO carries in our culture. It is in this vein that we embarked on getting our processes and quality certified by one of the highest forms of third-party validation.

CMMI – standing for Capability Maturity Model Integration – is a world-class quality standard recognized by organizations globally that assure business excellence and quality of its products & services. Organizations embarking on CMMI need to undergo CMMI Institute’s stringent and formal appraisals to ascertain their maturity levels.

The five levels of CMMI appraisal

How does a High Maturity certification benefit FIs?

A CMMI level 5 company indicates that it is committed to continuous improvement and is flexible in meeting clients’ needs. The process improvement is not only driven throughout each project but to the whole organization. Therefore, it ensures the team’s success and delivery of great quality work on time. In order words, with no delays in delivering the projects, clients will be able to lower their costs with a shorter time-to-market.

In addition, CMMI level 5 vendors are able to lower costs for their clients with thorough strategy, planning, and better project management, resulting in better efficiency and productivity. Better project management also allows developers to respond faster to changes in their client’s needs.

Journey to Process Excellence

INFOPRO started the pursuit of the CMMI journey in 2008. In 2010, we decided to embark on the CMMI High Maturity, aiming to continuously improve and meet stakeholders’ needs in a more complex and volatile business environment.

The journey to achieve high maturity levels (CMMI level 4 & 5) did not come easy. The organization has to go through concerted efforts to collect meaningful data, formulate process performance baselines & models, and employ statistical tools and techniques for prediction and quantitative management. This was truly a paradigm shift in mindset and a drastic change in many employees’ day-to-day work habits and discipline. Massive change management took place in the entire organization, and the learning curve was steep at the time.

Today, INFOPRO has achieved the ultimate maturity level 5, not only once but thrice. We are proud to be the one and only Malaysian company to be appraised at CMMI Level 5.

INFOPRO’s Quality Management System

To ensure ongoing compliance to quality standards and inculcate a compliance culture, INFOPRO established a Quality Management System (QMS) to provide all its employees a standard set of quality procedures that stipulate how they should perform their work to achieve the organization’s quality objectives.

Besides adopting the best practices prescribed by CMMI, the QMS also complies with the eight major areas of ISO 9001:2008 compliance requirements, which covers the development and support services of the software developed by the company. Besides that, the QMS also takes into account the Financial Services Act 2013 and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

INFOPRO’s QMS is governed and continually improved by Organizational Process Quality Management (OPQM) Unit. Quality audits are conducted monthly by the OPQM auditors to ensure product quality and process adherence at the project and organization level. Any deviation will be reported and escalated to the relevant parties for corrective actions.



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