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eICBA Business Analytics

With eICBA Business Analytics solution, banks can leverage on a suite of powerful tools to provide real time and predictive analytics to explore evolving customer needs, to predict business trends, to measure performances from all perspectives and to monitor expected and unexpected risks in order to carve out precise and effective business strategies.

Business Analytics

The eICBA Business Analytics Solution provides the following modules:

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is a powerful capability that can effectively access data across bank operations and transform them into meaningful information.

Credit Loss and Fraud Prevention

A robust solution that supports and facilitates the bank operation to protect and increase the asset quality as well as optimally reduce the potential risk and losses.

Anti-Money Laudering

Growing regulatory pressure and the increasing speed and sophistication of money laundering schemes have put banks’ reputation and monetary risk exposure at an all-time high.

Performance Management

eICBA Performance Management solution provides a highly intelligent rule engine and sophisticated analytical mechanism for business performance measurement and analysis.

Asset Liability Management

eICBA Asset and Liability Management (ALM) solution aim to help banks maintain a balanced growth in net interest income, earnings and control interest rate risk during rate change.

Risk Management

Across the banking industry, risk management is growing in maturity and becoming more aligned with broader strategic planning.

Regulatory Reporting Framework

Regulatory Reporting Framework is a reporting framework that allows banks to prepare a set of reports to be submitted to Central Bank or other authority based on regulations.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

eICBA Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a robust, scalable, flexible and high performance analytical information delivery channel.

An Emerging Business Power

eICBA Credit Loss Prevention System

with machine learning and process automation

When The Best of Both Worlds Meet

Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive business operational excellence framework
  • Intelligent dashboards with rich analytics resulting from innovative algorithms
  • Accurate forecasts achieved through statistical modeling and simulation techniques
  • 360° dimensional view on risk and behavioral analysis
  • Artificial intelligence capability with embedded machine learning and natural language processing
  • Seamless integration with data lake and data warehouse through BigData technology

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