Core Banking

Transform your legacy core into a robust, flexible and scalable platform with world-class leading technology built on agile SOA.

The Power of SYNERGi Core Banking

AI-Driven Core

AI-powered, dynamic data modeling architecture improves the efficiency of your business process management and rules engine.

Intuitive User Experience

User-centric system design within core product functions and interfaces creates powerful and highly engaging customer experiences.

Omni-Channel Banking Solution

Robust integration for omni-channel digital banking, business analytics and payment solutions through API and microservices.


 Flexible product packaging capability caters to any feasible requirements for all types of banks and financial institutions.

High Scalability & Agility

Highly scalable and robust platform with STP ensures impressive response time to improve efficiency and drive your banking business agility.

Key components of a successful core

Key components of a successful core

Key components of a successful core

Agile & Develops

Respond faster to new challenges with increased agility, shortened releases and continous updates.

Enhance agility, speed and freedom to scale effectively and optimize capital investment.

Ai & Data Analytics

Reach new heights in custome and business insights and operational efficiency with Al-powered intelligence.

Connect seamlessly to 3rd party solutions that amplify your product offering.

Open APIs
Flexible Product Factory

Build new products easily without extensive library of pre-configured product templates.

Deployable for any banking models

One platform for multiple clients.