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eICBA Digital Banking

Our intuitive and agile digital ecosystem enables banks to seize the opportunity in their digital transformation journey. Introducing our innovative eICBA DIGITAL BANKING – a robust and secure platform to optimize customer experience seamlessly across all touch points and smart devices for Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and many more.

Our Digital Banking Solutions

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Digital Retail Banking

Digital Retail Banking offers personalized banking experience by ensuring seamless experience to all touch points such as laptop, mobile and tablet across all operating systems and multiple browsers.

Digital Corporate Banking

Digital Corporate Banking provides corporate customers a unified view of their accounts, collections and receivables and liquidity and payments with a multi-level authorization

Customer Onboarding

A smarter customer onboarding process that enables banks to improve customer experiences and create a positive reflection on banks which in turn leads to multiple opportunities such as cross-selling.

Digital Trade

Re-engineers international and domestic trade activities to an online real time platform for corporate customers to submit digital documents, monitor their trade instruments and credit positions in a single view, and initiate payments.

Agent Banking

Empowers banks’ agents to reach out to a broader set of potential new customers and new sources of revenue, to onboard new customers for deposit and loan accounts, and to exploit insightful analytics in order to cross sell to existing customers.

Digital Dealer

Provisions partners such as housing developers, insurance agents and car dealers with a direct link to your bank, consequently amplifying credit application portfolio and lending-generated revenues.

Digital Conveyancing

Facilitates a quick and easy intercommunication environment between banks and conveyancers to expedite turnaround time for handling legal documentations.

Digital Litigation

Delivers an integrated platform for banks and solicitors to co-manage legal proceedings through a unified view and high-level engagement using bidirectional alerts.

Digital Loans Origination

Reinvents traditional loans origination routine with a robust one-stop solution – do more, faster and with less workforce.

Digital Branch

A next generation banking initiative, that together with its innovative technology and user friendly features, enables branch front line staff to interact with customers in a quick and pleasant manner.

Branch Teller Machine (BTM)

Teller machines that have multiple capabilities allow customers to conduct their typical over-the-counter transactions easily and quickly. Thus banks can redeploy some branch staff from carrying out low-end teller tasks.

ATM and Cards

An omni-channel that allows access to funds and other digital banking transaction. Cornerstone and key of modern banking. It allows from opening an account to card issuance.

Watch Banking / Wearable Tech

Watch banking allows bank customers to access their bank accounts and do a whole lot more right from their wrists.

Financial Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques used in digital platforms enable banks to develop chatbots to converse with customers online and assist them to get their banking done without hassle.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallet is an application that needs to be installed in a mobile device. The customer inputs his payment card information (credit card, debit card) in the mobile device which then becomes a virtual wallet. It provides a convenient way for customer to make in-store payments and can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider (the bank).

Social Banking

Social banking covers banking activities conducted through social network channels. Whether a bank’s ultimate goal is enhancing its brand, reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, boosting innovation, or driving revenue, social media can be a valuable pursuit, but all this must be done within the strict legal and regulatory framework that banks inhabit.

We Shape Technology
So It Adapts To Us

As technology drives dramatic changes in customer behaviours and expectations, it uproots traditional transactions for banks. Banks must then quickly become indispensable and relevant, and position themselves to fulfil their customers’ financial and non-financial needs through superior customer experience.

Towards A Future-Ready Digital Platform

INFOPRO’s eICBA Omni-Channel Digital Ecosystem which is intuitive and agile helps banks seize the opportunity to reinvent themselves in their digital transformation journey, through superior customer experience and more engaging customer interactions. Banks can rapidly and easily design an array of innovative and personalized retail and corporate banking services from a unified technological platform to enable customers to perform transactions remotely, across various touch points and using mobile devices. By capitalizing on a seamless omni-channel digital banking, banks can optimize on branch network to introduce smaller, more convenient self-service branches, and empower large branches to offer more specialized services. Analytical insights enable banks to create more attractive offerings and personalized services to customers and drive new revenue opportunities.

Product Highlights:-

  • Responsive web design that responds to user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation
  • Trendy, customized and personalized user interface
  • Single code base across browser, smart devices
  • Cross-device and cross-platform support
  • Multi-entities, multi-currencies, multi-languages, multi-time zones
  • Secure and integrated framework
  • Real time, predictive and articulate in-app analytics

  • Single Code Base
    Different Form Factor
    Cross Browser
    Cross Mobile Platform

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