About Us

Corporate Profile

INFOPRO is an ISO 9001 certified and CMMI Level 5 appraised global financial solution provider.

INFOPRO embraces the latest technology and the world-class banking practices in the development of its flagship banking solutions - eICBA System.  It provides the full spectrum of Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking and Electronic Banking solutions, and it is able to run on all open system platforms provided by all major vendors.

A certified business partner of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, INFOPRO is committed to being in the forefront of technology in its continuing quest to deliver a state-of-the-art banking solutions to global financial institutions.

INFOPRO has invested more than USD70 million in the development of eICBA System over the past 27 years. INFOPRO has a very stable staff force with extensive banking and technical experience and are entrusted by more than 90 financial institutions in 30 countries worldwide to grow and excel in their business.

Comprising a team with a mixture of technical and finance background, INFOPRO believes in keeping abreast with evolving business and banking trends to better engage the customers and provide value-added services and experience sharing.  One of the key factors of INFOPRO’s success is its ability to adapt to different situations, be it from a business perspective or from a cultural perspective.

INFOPRO has maintained a 100% profitability track record since inception and have received numerous awards.  The success of eICBA System is attributed to our corporate philosophy of pursuing aggressive research & development and prompt delivery of proven system to our customers.